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25 Nov 2009

Brückner Maschinenbau at Interplastica 2010

At Interplastica 2010 (Forum FD 38) Brückner presents latest technologies for film stretching lines and cast film technology from one supplier. Brückner has integrated both fields in view of the trend that also manufacturers of oriented film have shown increasing interest in the production of non-oriented cast and sheet film on highly efficient lines.


Efficiency, productivity, performance & profitability

for film producers


Efficient and flexible BOPP lines

Lines for manufacturing high performance BOPET film

Trend-setting shrink film & specialty film lines

Cast PET sheet lines with Chill Roll technology

PET sheet lines for A-PET and PET-G

High performance CPP lines

Brückner Servtec: Profitable operation of existing lines


High Tech for High Class BOPP Film Production
New Dimensions in BOPET Film Manufacturing
Different Technologies for Running a PET Sheet Extrusion Line Profitably