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17 Jul 2012

Brückner LISIM® technology on the fast lane: the next one is for China

The film industry worldwide has an increasing demand for more innovative, value added products. Thus, more and more film producers show great interests in Brückner’s unique LISIM® technology.


Using clips driven by linear motors and without any mechanical link allows a new level of freedom when manufacturing high-quality simultaneously stretched film in faster and more flexible production. The excellent film properties and the high reliability of this advanced system are well proven at numerous existing line installations since 1998.


Now China’s largest producer of BOPA film - Xiamen Changsu - ordered the first LISIM® line ever for China. The company is successfully producing finest quality BOPA film on several sequential lines from Brückner and now takes a logical further step towards value added products.


The main reasons for the decision for Brückner and LISIM® were:

  • Utmost flexibility through on-line adjustable stretching ratios and a wide range on stretching pattern for post-shrink or tensile process
  • Highest efficiency
  • Decisive energy savings due to the latest motor/drive developments
  • Optimized film quality for value added products

With this investment our customer will have the ability to strengthen his position in the market by setting new benchmarks for value added BOPA film.


Brückner is looking forward to cooperating again for a good and long lasting partnership.

Contract signing ceremony
LISIM System Inlet