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24 Sep 2007

Brückner is stretching the limits with the newest 8.7m BOPET line

Brückner has again underlined their superior position within the field of high-value BO film production, once more leading to a path breaking success. A highly-experienced Chinese film producer and longtime very pleased partner of Brückner has just ordered a state-of-the-art 8.7 m wide BOPET line.


Some of Brückner`s guarantees:


Output of 26,850 tons/year *

Line speed of 400 m/min due to an exceptional high MD stretching ratio
above 4.5 : 1 by the proven Brückner multi-gap stretching unit with active tension control


A number of additional innovations ensure the customers` productivity and profitability: twin screw technology for production cost savings, accurate line drive system to achieve excellent optical quality, energy saving design, sophisticated winding technology and many more.


For the time being this new project, together with the recent successful start-ups of two 8.2m wide BOPET lines marks the peak of Brückner`s continuous developments in the BOPET area. From 6.2 m to 6.7 m to 8.2 m to 8.7 m film width, ensuring a flexible, efficient, high output-production of oriented polyester films.


As this new project illustrates yet again, it pays to be a Brückner customer – the benefits for your business future are invaluable.


* output guaranteed by Brückner on basis of 12µm thickness and a running time of 7,500 hours/year