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14 Apr 2005

Brückner Group broadens product portfolio

BOPP and CPP from one source


Cast polypropylene film (CPP) has evolved from a niche market product to an astonishingly important commodity, as a result of its excellent optical and mechanical properties and on account of most competitive pricing. To tap the full potential within this market, the Brückner Group, located in Siegsdorf, Germany, accordingly broadens their product portfolio.


The group member Brückner Formtec, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic extrusion equipment and production lines for rigid film and sheet, now also provides CPP production lines. In accordance with the Brückner tradition, the line concepts especially cater for those customers, whose priorities are focussed on maximum productivity, quality and profitability. Thus, the CPP lines offered cover a film width ranging between 3 and 6 meters. The output capacities reach up to 2000 kg/h.


Thus, Brückner, the worldwide leading supplier of film stretching lines, offers an attractive programme for the production of high quality polypropylene film – BOPP and CPP – from one source. For plant layout, machine design and project handling, Brückner Formtec utilizes the vast expertise within the Brückner Group. All line components are based on the progressive Brückner design, which has been combined to a modular system, reflecting expert knowledge gathered during the company's 40 year history.


The well-proven PLC line control - a Brückner standard - featuring an intuitive user interface, completes the extensive line concept. With Brückner Servtec – an affiliate service company, providing upgrades and spares – a profound service is guaranteed.


Cast film produced on CPP lines is used for various applications – from simple mono-layer packaging film to stationery and hygiene film, as well as synthetic paper and high-tech barrier film structures with customized properties for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

High gloss, high stiffness CPP coex film for maximum sealing strength.
High gloss, puncture resistant CPP film for best optical and sealing properties.
Multi-layer CPP film for food packaging, superb puncture resistance, sealability and printability.