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29 Apr 2009

Brückner “best practice example” at the Hannover Messe

Presentation during special showcase “Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes”


Hannover Messe remains the world's leading platform for industrial technology. From 20 to 24 April the fair hosted over 6,000 exhibitors from more than 60 nations at an impressive 224,800 square meters of display space. Exhibitors showcased products and innovations from the fields of industrial automation, motive power engineering, energy, industrial subcontracting and R & D.


The core theme featured throughout Hannover Messe 2009 was energy efficiency in the context of industrial processes. Under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology the "Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes" pavilion focused on concrete energy-saving applications and solutions and featured pre-selected topics from preferred companies – one of them was Brückner`s  “Energy Savings in Film Production”. The special pavilion with live demonstrations showing how intelligent solutions in industrial processes can save time and money was a magnet for all visitors eager to hear more about energy efficiency. It also was the first port of call for media representatives and politicians interested in gathering the very latest information on the subject.


Günter Oedl, development manager in Brückner`s electrical engineering department, outlined the selective energy saving measures that have helped to reduce the energy consumption of Brückner`s film stretching lines since project start in 1999 by 30 % per kilo produced film.



Heat recovery

Optimized fluid engineering

Variable-speed pumps and fans

Direct drives and motors with higher efficiency

Training for line operators



Additionally, a complete energy consumption recording retrieves the actual consumption data and – by means of  the process control system and the flexible software - allows the operator not only to continuously monitor but also to optimize the energy input at all times.


The outlook for the next 10 years to come: Reduction of line`s energy consumption down to one half compared to 1999. Adequate measures to reach this goal: synchronic motors (PMSM) for fans and pumps, product-dependent adjustment of process parameters also in consideration of the energy aspect as well as thorough training and instruction for operators.


In his presentation, Günter Oedl underlined Brückner`s consistent pursuit of efficient energy use in film production not only serving climate protection but also enhancing film producers` profitability by reducing production costs. And last but not least, Brückner fortifies their competitiveness via the development of trend-setting energy saving technologies.


Already for the second time, Brückner`s commitment to find new energy saving solutions was officially accredited. In 2006, the “sensorless position control of LISIM®” project was nominated for the German Environmental Award by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. Brückner had the honour of being one of the four finalists (nominated from over 500 projects entered) for this prestigious award - which is the highest of its kind in Europe.  

Günter Oedl presenting energy saving measures
Hannover Messe visitors gathering first hand information
G. Oedl and attendees discussing efficient energy use in film production