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10 Jan 2013

Brückner at the CPPIA conference: A tribute to the world’s major BO film market

CPPIA Marketing and Technology Development Conference for BOPP & BOPA Film Industrial Chain and Grand Opening of China Plastic Film Exhibition Center


The conference was efficiently organized by the China Plastic Processing Industry Association (CPPIA) in cooperation with the Sihong County People’s Government, Jiangsu Province and was held in the Sihong Beichen International Congress & Exhibition Center. More than 450 delegates from the entire BO industry participated in this major event.


The speeches focused mainly on the outlook of the market and the industry. Brückner’s Sales Director Markus Gschwandtner and Senior Engineer Zhou Housong touched in their well-received key note speech on the long-standing cooperation between the Chinese BO industry and technology trendsetter Brückner, which has been in place since 1981. Looking into the future they outlined Brückner’s ongoing R&D efforts to reduce energy consumption, increase line efficiency, reduce waste and broaden the product range – all in line with industry needs and the current Chinese twelfth five-year development plan. The speech was followed throughout the day by a series of lively discussions with interested conference attendees.


An outstanding feature of the conference was the grand opening of the Chinese first Plastic Film Exhibition Center next door to Jiangsu Shouyi Film Industry Co., Ltd. The impressive and elegant new building displays the entire history of BO film, illustrating the material as well as manufacturing and distribution. Brückner’s exhibit received considerable attention, with one of the visitors even describing it appreciatively as the “Gateway to the East”.



由中国塑料加工工业协会双向拉伸聚丙烯薄膜专委会所举办的2012年度 BOPPBOPA薄膜产业链市场与技术发展研讨会以及中国塑料薄膜展览中心的盛大开幕



发言主要集中在对市场和行业的未来展望。布鲁克纳的销售总监马克思·斯万达先生和高级工程师周厚松先生,在他们广受欢迎的主题演讲中提到了,中国双向拉伸薄膜产业和作为技术潮流引导者的布鲁克纳公司之间从1981年开始了长期的合作。展望未来,他们概括了布鲁克纳持续进行中的研发努力,包括减少能耗,提升生产线效率,减少废料和拓宽产品范围 - 全都符合了产业需要和目前中国的第十二个五年发展规划方向. 发言之后,有兴趣的与会者对此发言进行了持续一整天的热烈讨论。



One of the main attractions of the new Plastic Film Exhibition Center: Brückner's exhibit
Attended the grand opening of China's first Plastic Film Exhibition Center (left to right): Brückner Maschinenbau’s Sales Director Markus Gschwandtner, Phillip Chen, Managing Director Brueckner Far East, Josef Haslinger, Senior Sales Manager Brückner Maschinenbau
Spectacular entry to the Exhibition Center
Once again perfectly organized: The traditional CPPIA conference
Markus Gschwandtner and Senior Engineer Zhou Housong outlined Brückner’s ongoing R&D efforts