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25 May 2007

Brückner at Chinaplas 2007

Technologies and services set stage for future growth


Chinaplas 2007 in Guangzhou impressively documented the upward tendency within the Chinese plastics industry. This was further confirmed by the numerous visitors at the Brückner booth. Film producers' order books are full and the ongoing positive business climate is leading to increasing profit margins.


In many discussions Brückner customers made it clear that it is a decisive competitive advantage for them to produce film on Brückner equipment: they undeniably benefit from a convincing line efficiency, reduced production and energy costs and ever-growing Brückner service activities. Finally, the film quality they are able to offer their demanding customers is absolutely top notch. In the words of one film producer: ”For my customers it is vital that the film I deliver is made on ‘a Brückner' ”.


Brückner's Chinaplas highlights such as advanced, flexible and efficient BOPP lines or the unique 2-gap MDO stretching for high speed production of BOPET film, as well as brand-new energy saving concepts are striving to provide breakthrough solutions and best economical value to customers and in the end enhance their profitability.


Brückner Formtec received numerous requests for their highly efficient cast and sheet extrusion lines and their extra large output CPP lines. Not only Brückner Servtec's extended service in China was in the focus of the visitors but also their upgrading packages to save energy or enhance film quality. Servtec's managing director Werner Bamberger had also presented this topic at the well attended „BO Association Conference” right before Chinaplas. His well received presentation generated great interest in the more than 150 participants attending from the entire Chinese film industry.


Brückner reception party: Exchanging views and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere


At their traditional reception party Brückner welcomed more than 150 guests from the film producing industry, as well as from resin and equipment suppliers, converters or printers. Brückner took this opportunity to introduce the new members of the group: Kiefel's production and special-purpose machines for plastics processing in the automotive, medical and packaging industry, as well as Kiefel Extrusion's blown film extrusion systems and film winders. Both are a perfect match to widen Brückner Group's product and service range for the plastics industry. The guests considered the acquisition to be an extremely valuable asset.


The entire Brückner Group will present their innovative products at a joint booth at Chinaplas 2008. Don't miss the opportunities we can provide you to enhance your profitability.

Brückner team, host for the Chinese film industry;
Stampede of visitors at the Brückner booth
Film producers came from all over the world;
Werner Bamberger, managing director of Brückner Servtec presenting the unique manufacturing management system "MMS";
Brückner team, welcoming the guests to the reception party;
A good time after a hard day at the show: Brückner`s reception party;