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21 Oct 2008

Biodegradable oriented film attracts a great deal of attention

Presently, there`s an increased demand for biodegradable film in several packaging applications: confectionery twist wrap, prestige gift wrapping, bags for compost and garden refuse, multi-layer films for packaging uses, shrink sleeve films and high modulus label films. Excellent properties in stiffness, transparency, gloss, and dead-fold retention, combined with the environmental benefits clearly emphasize the breadth of biodegradable raw material`s appeal for use in consumer packaging applications.


Brückner recently took an active part in several international conferences:



1st PLA World Congress by Bioplastics Magazine in Germany / Munich ( ~150 participants)

Innovation Takes Root by Nature Works LLC in USA / Las Vegas ( ~250 participants)

Flexible Packaging 360° by Applied Materials in Germany / Alzenau (~150 participants)


Here the latest:


Raw material capacity will increase: “Nature Works” will double their capacity to 150.000 t/y in Q2-2009, “Pyramid Bioplastics” facility in Germany will start production of PLA in Q4-2009 with an annual output of 60,000 tons

Innovations on the field of additives have been achieved: temperature stability, brittleness reduction, overall processability

New film types and applications have been brought to market

Further developments in printing, laminating, coating



Brückner presented the key performance features of innovative stretching lines for biodegradable film, retrofit concepts for existing BO equipment and the film type developments achieved at the technology center for shrink applications, thermoforming and general packaging.  

PLA film developments for shrink applications have been achieved at Brückner`s technology center