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24 Sep 2014

Americans are enthusiastic about e-vehicles – Brückner focusses on battery film separator technology

At the Battery Show 2014 in Detroit Brückner presented brand-new developments for high-quality separator films


Everyone talks about e-mobility: portable electronics and electric & hybrid vehicles. At the recently ended Battery Show 2014 in Detroit – the home of most American car manufacturers – all kinds of e-cars, e-trucks, e-motorbikes especially attracted the numerous visitors. Number one energy storage system for their drive concepts but also for 3C applications or energy storage systems are Li-Ion-batteries – and Brückner presented the latest developments for a successful and profitable production of high quality battery separator films, such as:



Visitors at the Brückner booth were also extremely interested in stationary energy storage systems for the industrial, residential or community sector.  No matter what the application: the question is how to make battery separator film production more efficient, productive and cost-effective. Thus, Brückner’s unique EVAPORE® process with its clear benefits regarding uptime and output, low production costs, minimized energy consumption, easy operation and low maintenance really hit the nail on the head.


Also in focus: The market’s positive practical experiences with Brückner’s BSF technology, developments for high temperature applications and thinner separator films, the unique technology centre with its ultra-flexible pilot line for sample production of various battery separator film types as well as latest R&D activities and results.


The Brückner Battery Show team thanks all visitors for the exciting exchange of ideas.

Ludwig Eckart, COO Brückner Maschinenbau, Karl Zimmermann, Sales Director Brückner Maschinenbau and Peter Hoffmann, President Film Division Brueckner Group USA (from left) thank all visitors for their interest in Brückner's BSF Solutions
It's all about costs - and Brückner's EVAPORE process shows the way how to minimize them
A fast growing market: Li-Ion batteries
Karl Zimmerman is amazed what kind of vehicles are e-driven
Racy: An e-motorbike at the Show
Brückner’s unique EVAPORE® process with clear benefits