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06 May 2010

All good things come in threes

With Brückner at their side, the renowned Chinese film producer Jiangsu Suqian Color Plastic Packing successfully started their third consecutive BOPET film production line – again weeks ahead of schedule. Superior film quality immediately afterwards and a stable performance at high production speeds completed this repeated great joint success for Jiangsu Suqian’s staff and Brückner’s commissioning experts.


This marks another highlight in the close and successful partnership of the two companies – no more than one year ago Brückner and Jiangsu Suqian reported a new dimension in Polyester film production: During the regular start-up operation the limit of 400 m/min line speed has been topped for the very first time in Chinese BOPET film industry.


For Jiangsu Suqian this third Polyester line in operation also broadens the basis for rapid future growth – the next high speed Brückner BOPET machine will go on stream this autumn. For Brückner this successful commission is a further confirmation in a long row of reliable and super fast start-ups (unrivalled in the whole industry) – our unparalleled success rate in this field ensures our customers strong performance and high yield of first quality film right from the start.  

Impressive inauguration
Third consecutive BOPET film production line on stream - weeks ahead of schedule