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21 Dec 2010

A revolution in BOPET film production

With the start of their latest line, Chinese major BOPET film producer Jiangsu Suqian Color Plastic Packing and Brückner set another benchmark in BOPET film production.


With two layout highlights this 8.7m wide BOPET line with an output of 4250 kg/h on the winder is unique in terms of energy efficiency:



The complete extrusion system is equipped with twin screw technology. Thus, energy-intensive raw material pre-drying is eliminated.

Direct flake processing: Utmost efficiency and further energy savings by feeding the edge trim flakes directly to the twin screw main extruder.



Due to the high melt quality and the unique two gap stretching process Jiangsu Suqian Color Plastic Packing was able to produce A-grade quality immediately after start-up and has been running stably at high production speeds ever since.


Apart from increasing efficiency and productivity, Jiangsu Suqian’s new line is an excellent example for sustainable film production, reducing energy consumption, decreasing the number of process steps and optimizing material handling.

Handshake after a successful start-up: Mr.Wu, President of Jiangsu Suqian, and Mr. Ramm from Brückner Maschinenbau
A-grade film quality immediately after start-up