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26 Apr 2011

6.2 m CPP line for OPP Film: Big and outstandingly equipped

Growth in packaging continues unabated – for CPP there are well established applications and opportunities in new markets. The development of CPP to being traded in large quantities and high quality is still ongoing, with the main result that lines are becoming more productive all the time. A few years back 6.2m was a fair size for a BOPP line, but Brückner has meanwhile set this benchmark in CPP machinery. The first line of this size is currently in installation, the second one was recently ordered by OPP Film S.A., part of the Oben Holding Group and one of the leading producers of BOPP films, and the largest CPP film manufacturer in Latin America.


OPP Film has been producing on a 4.8 m wide 3-layer Brückner CPP line since 2009. Their film enjoys the well deserved reputation for the tightest gauge tolerances in the entire region. In the meantime the line in Peru has been successfully speeded up from the original production speed of 300 m/min to 400 m/min, reaching a net output of 1,900 kg per hour.


The new 6.2 m line does not only impress with a name plate capacity of 20,000 tons per year but also with numerous absolutely outstanding features:


Twin screw extrusion as main extrusion: Twin screw technology with a gross output of 1,750 kg per hour introduces the numerous advantages to CPP film production:


low energy consumption

high percentages of reclaim material

perfect homogenization



Filtration with disc filters to drastically extend filter changing intervals


Mechanical and thermal layout for line speeds up to 400 m/min: Net output at this speed will be more than 2,500 kg per hour


All proven Brückner CPP features


LIWIND® system for the contact roll assembly, enhancing roll quality

TCE die bolt control for perfect gauge tolerance

Direct drives throughout the line for excellent speed stability

Oscillating edge trim and synchronized winder oscillation for minimized edge trim and perfect mill rolls



With this new line OPP Film can now offer large quantities of high quality CPP film and thus further strengthen the Oben Holding Group position at the forefront in Latin American markets.



6.2m CPP line - exclusive by Brückner
6.6m cast film die with 231 die bolts
3-layer feed block