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11 Sep 2018

World-record BOPP line is now running in Bulgaria

Highest speed and energy efficiency ever
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13 Aug 2018

Pioneering stretching equipment + profound production know-how = top …

World’s leading BOPA film producer continuously sets benchmarks
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13 Jul 2018

Finest BOPET barrier film from Indonesia

Joining forces to conquer the Asian markets
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04 Jul 2018

Oben Holding Group increases BOPP film capacity

South America’s first 10.4m high speed line for Colombia
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20 Jun 2018

Brückner returns to ProPak Asia

New Technologies widely discussed
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11 Jun 2018

Taiwan’s first BOPA LISIM line successfully on stream

LiLing Film starts into a new era
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30 May 2018

Next BOPA LISIM line goes to Indonesia

Unreached film properties for high quality food packaging
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28 May 2018

More value-added BOPP films for India

Max Speciality Films increases its capacity
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17 May 2018

Dawn of a new era

10.4m BOPET film line for SRF, India
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16 May 2018

Pakistani Astro Pack remains on an expansion course

Looking forward to a second BOPET project with Brückner
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11 May 2018

NPE remains the main showcase for NAFTA’s plastics industry

Great interest for Brückner’s film stretching innovations – sustainability one of the hot topics
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27 Apr 2018

All about film stretching

Brückner’s Chinaplas booth – the center of attraction for the BO industry
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06 Apr 2018

Quality leaders are doing well with Brückner

Chinese Wing Ning starts new 5-layer BOPP line on time
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29 Mar 2018

Lithium-ion technology dominates Battery Japan

The Battery Japan 2018 was well visited and Brückner’s solutions gained great interest
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14 Mar 2018

Turkish film manufacturer Polibak boosts its production

Largest BOPP line in Turkey will bring 40% increase
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12 Feb 2018

Brückner booth was the place to go

Brückner booth was the place to go
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30 Jan 2018

Once isn’t enough

A perfect start for SRF’s second BOPP line
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26 Jan 2018

Latest Brückner technologies meet Russian trends

At Interplastica in Moscow, visitors paid great attention to new film stretching developments
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23 Jan 2018

Never change a winning team

Alupol decides for Brückner again, based on the excellent experience with their first BOPP line
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18 Dec 2017

Another benchmark in the tape film industry

Wuhan Youfa starts their newest 8.7m BOPP line
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08 Dec 2017

Oben Holding on their way to being Latin America’s BOPET No. 1

Second polyester biax line successfully on stream in Lima
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20 Nov 2017

Brückner booth alive in Jakarta

30th International Plastics & Rubber
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10 Nov 2017

Plastimagen 2017: Focus on trendy food packaging solutions

Brückner’s line concepts and services intensively discussed
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09 Oct 2017

Brückner goes with electromobility

A new business field is booming
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04 Oct 2017

Sun-Tox‘s new BOPP line is producing for a very demanding market

Saleable film on winder within one day after start-up
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01 Sep 2017

When teamwork is more than a catchword

Northern Pakistan is now on the map for film production
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23 Aug 2017

BOPET technology at its best

SML Films‘ latest BOPET line with highest flexibility & energy efficiency
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08 Aug 2017

Oben Holding Group moves forward to the BOPA world elite

Local and export BOPP film capacities will also increase
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04 Jul 2017

Congratulations to Qiming New Material on another perfect start-up!!

Biggest output, highest speed
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03 Jul 2017

Treofan and Brückner teamed up for the widest and fastest 5-layer BOPP …

Speed, width & Performance: ready for the future
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27 Jun 2017

Cosmo Films breaks into BOPET film market – with Brückner at their side

Latest machine technology, excellent process know-how and project execution
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31 May 2017

Setting sails for the future

Latest BOPP film technology for ambitious Chinese producer
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19 May 2017

What makes the world of plastics go round

High interest in Brückner’s solutions at Chinaplas
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09 May 2017

Be connected!

Brückner Group members at the Interpack 2017
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07 Apr 2017

Stretching specialty films

Highly frequented Brückner booth at Film Tech Japan
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27 Mar 2017

Optical films at the highest quality level

Shandong SNTON wins the markets’ broad recognition
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02 Mar 2017

A contemporary success story

Vacmet India and Brückner Maschinenbau go for a second round
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08 Feb 2017

Leading the field

India’s first 10.4m BOPP line on stream
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01 Feb 2017

Operate the future

Interplastica visitors impressed by trend-setting line concepts and operation solutions
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11 Jan 2017

Middle East’s plastics industry gathered at the Brückner booth

Arabplast opened the exhibition year 2017
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04 Jan 2017

OPP Film and Brückner started El Salvador’s second BOPP line

Inauguration ceremony in the presence of the country’s president
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09 Dec 2016

Xiamen Changsu paves the way for BOPA 4.0

Ground breaking for a new factory with another four simultaneous LISIM lines
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08 Dec 2016

All-inclusive carefree package made Alupol’s first BOPP project a big …

Good film on winder from the very beginning
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29 Nov 2016

BOPA pioneer A.J. Plast forges ahead with Brückner’s LISIM technology

South East Asia’s No. 1 film producer signed a new production line
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22 Nov 2016

Brückner Maschinenbau at the International Plastics & Rubber in Jakarta

Several stimulating discussions at the Brückner booth signalize new investments looming on the horizon
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16 Nov 2016

Nanjing was worth a visit

Brückner at the Technology Development Conference and ChinaNewplas
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26 Oct 2016

Smart – simplified – advanced: Brückner Maschinenbau operates the future

“Intelligent Line Management” in the focus of the visitors’ interest
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13 Oct 2016

The world’s widest and most powerful sequential BOPA line goes to China

Kunshan Yuncheng meets the rising demand for high quality food packaging
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19 Sep 2016

Lithium-ion technology conquers the USA

The Battery Show 2016 was fully booked and Brückner’s solutions gained great interest
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14 Sep 2016

SRF starts BOPP production in India – again having Brückner at their side

The new high performance line is equipped with the latest features
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08 Jul 2016

Pre-K press conference with the members of the Brückner Group

Strategies, figures and innovations to be presented at the K 2016
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02 Jun 2016

China’s specialty film pioneer strikes again – once more together with …

Wing Ning has ordered their second Brückner multi-layer line, the sixth Brückner film stretching line in total.
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30 May 2016

Bulgarian Plastchim-T invests in the future – with the world’s largest …

The highest output and productivity available within the industry to date
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17 May 2016

Max Speciality Films teams up with Brückner again

The 8.7m wide 5-layer BOPP line is built for special applications
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28 Apr 2016

Chinaplas 2016: Specialty films were the big hit – Brückner presented …

The markets are in need for Brückner's advanced solutions
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25 Apr 2016

First film stretching line for Central America on stream: it’s a …

State-of-the-art equipment for this dynamic region
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11 Mar 2016

Latest solutions for plastics film production at Plastimagen

In Mexico City all visitors to the Brückner booth could catch a variety of innovations for an efficient manufacture of innovative oriented plastics films.
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04 Mar 2016

Battery Japan: Perfect platform for Brückner’s separator film innovations

Numerous discussions with an international audience
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29 Jan 2016

Brückner booth was a magnet at Interplastica 2016

Great interest for the latest solutions for the manufacture of various value-added films
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11 Jan 2016

First 10.4m BOPP line for India – Cosmo Films steams ahead

60,000 additional tons per year for both domestic and export markets
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16 Dec 2015

At last: BOPP for Bangladesh

Akij Group’s first choice for entering the plastic film business is Brückner
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15 Dec 2015

Management changes within the Brückner Group

Internal management changes within Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec and Brückner China
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25 Nov 2015

Fully loaded with guests

Interesting discussions at the booth: Brückner Group members at the 28th International Plastics & Rubber Indonesia
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10 Nov 2015

Brückner Colombia celebrates its 5th anniversary

In 2010 Brückner Colombia, a member of the German Brückner Group, was founded in Bogotá in order to provide enhanced service for the growing customer base …
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21 Oct 2015

Zhejiang Nanyang is renowned for innovative specialty films – …

Many projects have been successfully accomplished together
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23 Sep 2015

A close collaboration between BYD and Brückner Maschinenbau

BYD chose Brückner Maschinenbau as a strong and reliable partner for their projects, based on the requirement of highest equipment quality and reliability …
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11 Sep 2015

Large, fast and productive from day one: Polibak’s new BOPP line on stream

The new line’s flexibility will enable Polibak to produce finest packaging films, different label types such as IMLs with short changeover times.
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03 Sep 2015

Another Brückner film orienter for Altopro

New 8.7 meter Brückner polypropylene film orienter for Irapuato plant
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27 Aug 2015

Brückner’s Innovation Test Centre commemorates its 2nd anniversary with …

High speed sliding system approved for speeds up to 600 m/min
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06 Aug 2015

Fast & flexible shrink film production: Bilcare Research teamed up with …

Line start is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016
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09 Jul 2015

Conjunction between Brückner and China further deepened

Visit to Chinese Ambassador in Berlin
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17 Jun 2015

1. Packaging Day at Brückner Maschinenbau

The German Packaging Institute (DVI) is holding the „1. Packaging Day” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland throughout this June.
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10 Jun 2015

Xiamen Changsu successfully starts simultaneous BOPA film line

Several benefits for the production of high value BOPA films for advanced applications
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26 May 2015

Chinaplas 2015: Brückner hits the market needs again

Visitors from all over the world were impressed by recently proved successful Brückner projects
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30 Apr 2015

Chinese Hengli Group conquers packaging film business with a considerable …

Breaking into a new market with consistent production, great efficiency and high-value products
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30 Mar 2015

NPE visitors looked for solutions for innovative film production – and …

Brückner Maschinenbau presented the latest film stretching technologies and Brückner Servtec demonstrated how film producers can improve the productivity of …
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24 Mar 2015

Brückner’s 10.4m lines well-proven in the field

Utmost efficiency & minimum energy consumption
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20 Mar 2015

Brückner Maschinenbau at the Sino-German battery production dialog

German Engineering Federation hosted Chinese companies from the battery sector
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16 Mar 2015

Alupol Films forges new paths – BOPP production with Brückner at their side

Multi-layer BOPP film production line will come on stream in 2016
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12 Mar 2015

ICE visitors had their eyes on Brückner’s solutions for innovative …

An important event for actively cultivating contacts
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27 Feb 2015

New laboratory extrusion line at Brückner’s technology center

Increased opportunities for in-house and customer initialized developments
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10 Feb 2015

Plastindia 2015: Solutions to enhance productivity and quality for …

One of the highlights during the show: Brückner Maschinenbau decorated at the “Plasticon Awards”
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30 Jan 2015

Brückner Maschinenbau at Interplastica 2015 in Moscow

Stretching technologies that bring film producers higher performance and more profit
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27 Jan 2015

A milestone for the Maghreb: First production line for oriented films

Algerien “Biaxial Films Packaging SpA (BFP)" and Brückner Maschinenbau teamed up for the very first production line for biaxially oriented plastics film in …
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13 Jan 2015

Leading Chinese BOPP film producer continues its winning streak – …

A-grade film from the very start on the new 8.7 m wide state-of-the-art line
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22 Dec 2014

ChinaNewPlas exhibition inaugurated with strong Brückner presence

ChinaNewPlas was held for the first time ever in Guangzhou
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01 Dec 2014

Plastimagen visitors estimated Brückner Maschinenbau’s solutions for …

Cutting edge innovations for sophisticated oriented film applications
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27 Nov 2014

Brückner Maschinenbau at the 27th International Plastics & Rubber in …

Interesting discussions and fruitful talks at the Brückner booth
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30 Oct 2014

Anhui Guofeng is still intensifying specialty film production – based on …

A new high speed BOPP line for special multi-layer film
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06 Oct 2014

Chinese specialty film producer Dongfang successfully starts second …

Latest state-of-the-art technology, designed to produce high quality BOPP capacitor base film
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24 Sep 2014

Americans are enthusiastic about e-vehicles – Brückner focusses on …

At the Battery Show 2014 in Detroit Brückner presented brand-new developments for high-quality separator films
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03 Sep 2014

Xpro India Limited inaugurated India’s first capacitor film unit

Xpro India recently inaugurated its new line for the manufacture of high quality BOPP dielectric (capacitor) films at Barjora, in Bankura district of West Bengal.
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08 Aug 2014

Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical makes a great leap forward – thereby …

BOPET direct film casting technology put on stream perfectly
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10 Jul 2014

Battery Separator Film Demo Days at Brückner Premises

During the “Battery Separator Film Demo Days” at the Brückner premises in Siegsdorf, Germany, on July 8th and 9th, international film producers, battery …
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24 Jun 2014

Brückner at the 11th China International Battery Fair

Solutions met visitors' demand for high temperature applications and thin separator films
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05 Jun 2014

Second BOPP film line for Tianjin Huaheng with excellent start

Various first class packaging films in no time after start-up
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02 Jun 2014

Fantastic line start for leading Russian BOPP film producer Biaxplen

New film stretching line has been producing finest quality from day one
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19 May 2014

Brückner’s expertise in engineering, planning and commissioning ensures …

Exemplary production start for Chinese Shaoxing Riyue New Materials with its second BOPET line
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13 May 2014

Bulgarian Plastchim-T continues success story – with a brand new …

Perfect start for another flagship project
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29 Apr 2014

Brückner Maschinenbau at Chinaplas 2014: Latest specialty film technologies

Various line concepts that help film producers to diversify and enlarge their portfolio
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11 Mar 2014

SRF inaugurated the most sophisticated BOPP film manufacturing plant in …

The perfect base for SRF to implement its African growth strategy.
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03 Mar 2014

Portuguese Polivouga was looking for diversification – and found …

Expanding the product portfolio with high quality BOPP packaging film
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18 Feb 2014

Zhong Li Fang Industrial successfully enters BOPP capacitor film market in …

For their BOPP-C film market entry Zhong Li Fang teamed up with Brückner and has now started their first production line at their headquarters in Huaian, …
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10 Feb 2014

Zhejiang Nanyang expands its specialty film business – with Brückner …

World’s biggest and most flexible BOPP capacitor film line ordered
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29 Jan 2014

Chinese film producer signs worldwide first BOPP-C simultaneous line with …

New LISIM® generation, specially designed for top-quality thin films
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23 Jan 2014

Antec Dubai: Brückner Maschinenbau focussed on R&D

Numerous fruitful discussions at the Brückner booth
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09 Jan 2014

Turkish Polibak is heading for further expansion – with Brückner at its …

Polibak has decided to invest in a new, flexible and highly productive 8.7m wide Brückner BOPP line
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20 Dec 2013

SRF successfully enters BOPP film business in South Africa

For their BOPP film market entry, SRF teamed up with Brückner and has now successfully started their first production line at their subsidiary SRF Flexipack, …
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17 Dec 2013

CPPIA conference: A highlight in the Chinese plastics industry’s event …

The CPPIA conference has become a major event in the Chinese BO film industry. Attended by more than 300 delegates, representing almost the entire Chinese BO …
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28 Nov 2013

Thin specialty films & high output right from the start

Outperforming start-up of Guangzhou Rongsheng's new line
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24 Oct 2013

Brückner Maschinenbau took K show visitors on a journey into the future

Visitors were incredibly enthusiastic about Brückner Maschinenbau’s amazing show: a vision of stretching the limits in speed and efficiency – live at the …
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25 Sep 2013

Foshan Plastics Group was looking for the best capacitor film technology …

Foshan Plastics Group was looking for an absolutely reliable partner to further strengthen their high reputation as supplier of a large variety of first class …
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05 Sep 2013

Brand new: Innovation Test Centre

We prove our expertise in advance, all our technical improvements to production lines are rigorously tested.
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03 Sep 2013

2nd Speciality Films and Flexible Packaging Conference in Mumbai

Brückner Maschinenbau contributes substantially to a fantastic event
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25 Jul 2013

Brückner Maschinenbau exhibits at the Battery Show in Detroit

Innovative line concepts for a profitable battery separator film production
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28 Jun 2013

AMI BOPP Film Conference: Outstanding presentation by Brückner Maschinenbau

More than 250 delegates from over 40 countries gathered in the fancy Marina Bay Sands convention center in Singapore and took the unique opportunity to get the …
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27 May 2013

Brückner Maschinenbau at Chinaplas: Exciting technologies for added-value …

Brückner Maschinenbau has contributed more than 20 years to the Chinese plastics industry and has been participating the Chinaplas exhibition ever since.
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25 Mar 2013

ICE visitors had their eyes on solutions for value-added plastics films

A series of fruitful discussions about trend-setting film production technologies at the ICE Europe 2013 in Munich.
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28 Feb 2013

Specialty shrink films – well equipped with Brückner technology

Brückner offers film producers a wide variety for the manufacture of added-value shrink films.
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04 Feb 2013

A new age of BOPET film production using Direct Film Casting

Jiangsu Shuangxing and Brückner start up four BOPET lines in record time
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10 Jan 2013

Brückner at the CPPIA conference: A tribute to the world’s major BO …

CPPIA Marketing and Technology Development Conference for BOPP & BOPA Film Industrial Chain and Grand Opening of China Plastic Film Exhibition Center
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14 Dec 2012

Taizhou Nanyang further strengthens its position with Brückner’s BOPET …

The Chinese innovation leader orders its second consecutive Brückner BOPET line – this time for highly added-value optical films
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12 Nov 2012

Largest CPP line in the Americas on stream – confirming OPP Film’s …

OPP Film successfully starts their new 6.2 m wide line.
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05 Nov 2012

Looking for a fast and efficient BOPET line? Choose Brückner as partner!

Zhejiang Shaoxing Huadong Packing can now satisfy their customers’ growing needs for high quality, value-added BOPET packaging films.
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12 Oct 2012

Portuguese Casfil continues its success story – with Brückner at its side

Casfil now takes another step forward and invests in a new BOPP film production line.
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20 Sep 2012

BOPET thick film: Brückner’s outstanding experience proven again – twice

When it comes to efficiency, film quality and flexibility Brückner's BOPET lines for thick film production are top.
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27 Aug 2012

Brückner’s 10.4 m lines conquer the BOPP market

Today’s standard working widths for BOPP commodity film stretching lines are 8.2 or 8.7 metres, except for a couple of well-proven 10 m lines, which …
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17 Jul 2012

Brückner LISIM® technology on the fast lane: the next one is for China

The film industry worldwide has an increasing demand for more innovative, value added products. Thus, more and more film producers show great interests in …
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29 May 2012

Vacmet successfully enters the BOPP Film business

With the successful start of their brand new Brückner high speed film production line, Vacmet India Limited is now entering the BOPP film business. This …
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20 Apr 2012

OppFilm is heading for BOPET film markets – with Brückner at their side

OppFilm S.A., part of the Oben Holding Group, and headquartered in Lima, Peru, is broadening their product portfolio by adding biaxially oriented polyester …
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13 Apr 2012

Brückner at FilmTech: Japanese film producers are heading for high-end …

FilmTech Japan in Tokyo from April 11 - 13 made clear that Japanese and Korean film manufacturers consequently pursue their goal to produce sophisticated, …
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12 Apr 2012

Partnership for a quarter century: We accompany our customers in the long run

One of China’s leading plastics film manufacturers has recently celebrated their 25th anniversary: Zhongshan Wing Ning Packaging Film Ltd. and Brückner can …
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22 Mar 2012

Two Chinese specialty film producers team up again with Brückner

Brückner’s lines for flexible specialty film production are in high demand worldwide. Recently, two leading Chinese film producers have chosen, once again, …
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