Sustainable Film Production

Sustainable Film Production

Helping to preserve precious resources

Brückner comes up with advanced solutions

Since the company’s earliest days sustainability has been a priority

Energy Saving
Brückner has achieved a 30 % reduction in the energy consumption required for film production in the last 10 years. And we are striving to reach our next goal – a reduction of 50 % compared to 2000 levels. Our successful measures in this field include:

  • Heat recovery system - also available as an upgrade on existing lines
  • Direct drives along the production line to avoid losses
  • Twin screw extrusion eliminating the necessity of energy-intensive raw material pre-drying
  • Unique ”Energy Monitoring Tool“– further helping to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint


Sustainability refers not just to the use of renewable raw materials but also to reducing raw materials used, decreasing the number of process steps and avoiding waste. Brückner has contributed to this over the years through:

  • Research and development with bio-plastics, resulting in complete new lines as well as modifying existing lines for e.g. BOPLA film production
  • Down gauging of films while still achieving excellent film performance
  • The development of ultra-high barrier films (UHB) based on a multi-layer extrusion process to reduce subsequent process steps