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06 Mar 2019

Successful Asia Pacific Specialty Film Seminar in Indonesia

Brückner Far East invited film producers from South East Asia to meet in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the „Asia Pacific Specialty Film Seminar 2019”. Numerous renowned film producers, business partners and converters came for this one day event and learned about latest technologies and developments in film stretching.

Xaver Sedlmeier, Chief Representative Brückner Far East for the Asia Pacific region, opened the day with brand-new information about South East Asia’s markets. The following „technic session“ included speeches about


  • New packaging film types such as BOPE, BOPP multi-layer, BOPP inline coated and recyclable shrink sleeves
  • Trendsetting technical films: Battery separator film, BOPP capacitors, BOPET optical film and solar back sheet
  • Selected specialty film line concepts in detail

For existing film stretching lines, Brückner Servtec presented upgrades for multi-layer film production and inline coating technologies for added value film. Other hot service topics: Clip and chain refurbishment for improved line availability, smart services and their impact on maintenance, repair and spare parts in the future.

A long-term Brückner customer perfectly summarized the day: „I`m so glad to participate at this event. It shows me once more that Brückner is not only selling machines – but supports me as a customer with profound market data, ideas for growth in old and new markets and with concepts how to run older film stretching lines profitably”.

The teams of Brückner Far East, Brückner Maschinenbau and Brückner Servtec thank for this wonderful compliment and also say thanks to all participants for their interest and the many fruitful discussions.


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