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Not once but twice: Senior and Brückner repeat a perfect line start

19 Feb 2019

Bundled battery separator film competence

Starting a line for battery separator film production is not an easy thing. Getting saleable film on winder usually can take quite some time – but not when Changzhou Senior New Energy Materials, one of the industry leaders in China, and Brückner Maschinenbau team up. After a smooth line start in December both partners could now repeat the feat: another powerful battery separator line (width: 4.4m, capacity: 580kg/h) has gone into production at Senior’s highly modern factory in beginning of Feb 2019.

This line is the second out of a larger package and another proof for Senior’s and Brückner’s successful partnership within the battery separator film business. Both are looking forward to further joint projects!




启动电池隔膜生产线的投产并非易事。在收卷机上获得可销售的薄膜通常需要相当长的时间 - 但当常州星源新能源材料有限公司 (中国行业领导者之一)和布鲁克纳机械有限公司合作时,情况就不同了。 经过去年12月的生产线顺利投产后,双方最近又重复这一壮举:另一条功能强大的锂电池隔膜生产线(宽度:4.4米,能力:580公斤/小时)已在2019年2月初于星源的最新现代化工厂投入生产。


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