Technical innovations for the K 2019

Technical innovations for the K 2019

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Brückner Maschinenbau at K 2019

Visit us at our booth (hall 3, booth C90)

Numerous new developments  

Innovations for the demands of a circular economy

  • Combination of BOPE and BOPP production
  • New inline coater
  • The focus remains on raw material and energy saving

Speciality film lines

  • New high-temperature concept for BOPP capacitor film 
  • Lines for the production of stone paper based on BOPP or BOPE with a calcium carbonate proportion of over 60%
  • Biaxially oriented polyester films (BOPET) for optical applications
  • BOPI (biaxially oriented polyimide) is perfect for flexible optical applications, e.g. flexible displays
  • Battery separator films: New technologies for growing markets