Plastprintpack Nigeria 24-26 Mar 2020

Latest film stretching technology

Flexible line concepts for upcoming African markets

The demand for high quality packaging films in Africa is on the rise. At Plastprintpack, booth 1.G.03,  Brückner Maschinenbau shows various line concepts:

  • BOPP lines from 6.6 - 10.4 meters working width, outputs from 3,000 - 8,000 kg/h
  • BOPET lines from 6.7 - 10.4 meters working width, outputs from 2,500 - 6,000 kg/h

Combination of BOPE and BOPP production
Recyclability of plastic materials of all kinds as well as the establishment and strengthening of a circular economy are on today’s agenda. Brückner’s focus is on mono-material films with superior mechanical and optical properties, which will be able to substitute previous multi-layer films made from different materials. At Plastprintpack Brückner presents new line concepts for the production of BOPE films. The lines also have the flexibility to produce BOPP films: As the demand for innovative BOPE films is only now starting to develop, film producers will be able to react swiftly and flexibly to market trends.