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24 Nov 2011

Brückner at BOPP/PA Film Market & Technology Development Forum

With more than 350 delegates and strong participation of Brückner Maschinenbau, the yearly event was again a highlight in the Chinese BOPP and BOPA industry. Well organized by the CPPIA and nicely hosted by Fujian Zhonglian Group, the 2 days forum held in Fuqing, China, was a melting point for intensive market and technology exchange in the industry. International and national speakers gave an excellent overview about markets and technology development and the delegates from the entire industry used the Forum to exchange views and insights.


Brückner’s COO Mr. Ludwig Eckart was honoured with a seat at the board presiding the event while Senior Sales Manager Mr. Reinhard Priller gave a speech about market developments in BOPP and BOPA,  as well as on the advanced technology of Brückner equipment and services. Like many other speakers Mr. Priller also emphasized the future development of the industry and pin-pointed the unique and advanced technology of Brückner in the battery film separator industry which will be shortly unveiled.


All in all a very rewarding two days, we look forward to next year’s event.

More than 350 delegates attended the highlight in the Chinese BOPP and BOPA industry
Brückner’s COO Ludwig Eckart (front) was honoured with a seat at the board presiding the event
Brückner's Senior Sales Manager Reinhard Priller (right) gave a carefully attended speech, translated by his colleague Zhou Housong (left)
The traditional group photo