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20 Jun 2018

Brückner returns to ProPak Asia

New Technologies widely discussed


After several years of absence from any show in Thailand, Brückner decided to participate again with a joint booth together with Group member Kiefel at this year’s ProPak Asia exhibition in Bangkok. And this move proved to be the right one.

Beside numerous discussions with existing customers, the show turned out to be a springboard for establishing new contacts, not only in Thailand, but also throughout South East Asia, as the ProPak Asia attracts more and more visitors every year.

"In the special focus of discussion were the new technologies for the future such as battery separator film and the usage of resins made from renewable sources", says Xaver Sedlmeier, Chief Representative at Brueckner Far East Ltd.


Always busy: Joint booth Brückner - Kiefel
Xaver Sedlmeier, Chief Representative, Brueckner Far East Ltd., in lively discussions
Bavarian joint pavillon - traditional Bavarian costumes