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16 May 2018

Pakistani Astro Pack remains on an expansion course

Looking forward to a second BOPET project with Brückner


Ismail Industries Ltd. in Pakistan is a group of companies manufacturing sugar confectionery products biscuits and snacks. And, due to their backward integration strategy, they also produce CPP, BOPP and BOPET films successfully. The group member Astro Pack now decided to decisively enhance their BOPET capacity with a new high performance Brückner line.


The recently ordered line is 8.7m wide, has an hourly capacity of 4,500 kg and is of course fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the production of a wide variety of polyester packaging and specialty films. It is the perfect addition to Astro Pack’s existing 6.7m Brückner BOPET line – a line that has established Astro Pack as one of the quality leaders for biaxially oriented PET films in Pakistan and abroad ever since the production start in 2012.


Muhammad M. Ismail, Chairman of Ismail Industries, says: “Our first joint project was characterized by a close cooperation and a high degree of mutual trust. Therefore we are deeply convinced that the new project will also be a success. We are really looking forward to meeting Pakistan’s fast-growing demand for many kinds of BOPET films with our new line.”


For Brückner this subsequent project is an encouraging confirmation that utmost machinery quality, highest reliability in planning and commissioning, profound process expertise and last but not least a strict commitment to customer satisfaction are paying off – for our customer and us.


Signed and sealed: The new joint project
Ceremonial contract signing in front of the successfully producing first BOPET line
Shaking hands on a fruitful ongoing partnership: Muhammad M. Ismail, Chairman of Ismail Industries, and Johann Kreilinger, Senior Sales Manager, Brückner Maschinenbau