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11 May 2018

NPE remains the main showcase for NAFTA’s plastics industry

Great interest for Brückner’s film stretching innovations – sustainability one of the hot topics


The largest in its history: NPE 2018 in Orlando was filled with the latest technologies and breakthrough innovations, newest trends and next-generation machinery. As the organizers say: “If it involves plastics manufacturing, we've got it covered”. When talking about Brückner Maschinenbau’s and Brückner Servtec’s NPE appearance, this could be modified to: “If it involves oriented plastics film manufacturing, we've got it covered”. And the numerous visitors would have confirmed this.


The enquiries regarding Brückner Maschinenbau’s film stretching line portfolio were split: US visitors mainly asked for solutions for the production of specialty films for both packaging and technical applications. Guests from Mexico and Latin America focused rather on efficient and high performance packaging and label film lines. However, all booth visitors showed great interest in Brückner’s answer to Industry 4.0 – the new line-operating concept for future “Easy Operation”. The presented innovations for energy savings, reduced raw materials usage and enhanced recyclability meet the pulse of time.


Brückner Servtec had many comprehensive talks about their latest upgrading solutions for high-yield production of specialty multilayer film with 5, 7 or more layers or about the advantages of the direct drive technology for specialty film production. Many customers were also highly interested in how to optimise their operation and maintenance with enhanced services: clip & chain refurbishment, line audits and consultancy services, service hotlines and much more.


Numerous discussions, with Brückner Maschinenbau as well as with Brückner Servtec, concentrated on keywords such as sustainability, circular economy, waste management, environment protection. The visitors appreciated Brückner’s advanced solutions for a sustainable film production: reduction in energy consumption, the use of renewable raw materials, reducing the raw materials used, decreasing the number of process steps, avoiding waste and thus preserving precious resources.


The joint and powerful Brückner Group appearance was completed by Kiefel and PackSys Global with plenty of intelligent innovations, and by the local sales and service specialists of Brueckner Group USA.


Thanks to all customers, partners and friends who discussed with us – exciting times are coming.


Joint booth, joint thanks to the visitors: Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec, Brückner Group USA
The film stretching lounge: only a few minutes before the show starts
Fruitful discussions about Efficiency, sustainability and other trends