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26 Jan 2018

Latest Brückner technologies meet Russian trends

At Interplastica in Moscow, visitors paid great attention to new film stretching developments


Interplastica 2018 in Moscow once again strengthened its good reputation as the meeting point for the Russian, CIS and Eastern Europe’s plastics industry. The joint Brückner Group booth was highly frequented by plastics processors and film producers. The latter naturally focused on latest film stretching solutions to help them satisfy the needs of their local and export markets.

Brückner’s Interplastica highlights met the demands of producers, converters and investors for the highly profitable manufacturing of various plastics films:

  • For an efficient production of both BOPET packaging and technical films, Brückner presented a wide range of lines with various working widths and outputs. Always welcomed by the visitors: Brückner’s lines allow the use of local resins.
  • In Russia and the CIS, the demand for packing fresh or frozen fish, ham and sausage, rice and grain or liquid foods is constantly rising – and BOPA film is the first choice for this. The latest simultaneous and sequential BOPA line concepts presented by Brückner offer the production efficiency film manufacturers want.
  • Always a topic for the R&D minded Russian film industry: the latest developments at Brückner’s Technology Center. This year many discussions had a strong focus on multi-layer applications.
  • In line with this: Brückner Servtec presented solutions to increase production efficiency and convert lines of any manufacturer to the production of specialty multilayer film.

Also at the joint Brückner Group booth: Kiefel showing recent developments for the processing of plastic film materials and PackSys Global, presenting advanced packaging Equipment.


Our entire booth staff thanks all visitors for their interest and the many fruitful discussions. We will be back for Interplastica 2019!



Big thanks to all visitors: Brückner Group members at the joint Brückner booth
Lively discussions at the joint Brückner booth
Nice welcome at the joint Brückner booth at Interplastica
Crowded every day: The joint booth of the Brückner Group companies