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23 Aug 2017

BOPET technology at its best

SML Films‘ latest BOPET line with highest flexibility & energy efficiency


Indian SML Films Limited (formerly known as Surat Metallics) develops, manufactures and supplies a wide variety of high quality BOPET films for special applications: Metallized and coated films, low-shrinkage yarn-grade film and sequin films, to name but only a few. Their latest 8.7m wide line is running with high speeds, constantly above 500 m/min, and supports SML to cater for the rising market demands.   


One of the line’s highlights is the extrusion system where both main and co-extrusion have twin screw technology. Due to Brückner’s advanced vacuum system, the crystallizing and drying process can be eliminated. The benefits are many: Best melt quality, considerably reduced energy consumption, easy process and quick product change over, less space requirement and a reduced building height. Another advantage of the twin screw technology is that it allows the direct feeding of the edge trim to the extruder and thus further reduces energy consumption.


SML Films’ latest line comes with more energy saving features. One of the most important is the transverse direction orienter (TDO) with significantly reduced air and heat consumption, resulting from, for example, the integration of catalysts and filters, intelligently controlled fans and advanced air management.



SML's new line is a high speed one: 500 m/min +
TDO with significantly reduced air and heat consumption
State-of-the-art BOPET technology