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20 Feb 2012

First Chinese BOPP line ever running faster than 500 m/min

Chinese film producer Fujian Fuzhou Yuede Flexible Packaging Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of Chinese leading BOPP producer - China Flexible Packaging Group) and …
17 Jan 2012

Excellent tobacco films on Shiner’s new Brückner line

Hainan Shiner Industrial Co., Ltd., member of Shiner International, Inc., an emerging global supplier of packaging solutions for food, tobacco, and consumer …
24 Nov 2011

Brückner at BOPP/PA Film Market & Technology Development Forum

With more than 350 delegates and strong participation of Brückner Maschinenbau, the yearly event was again a highlight in the Chinese BOPP and BOPA industry. …
23 Nov 2011

Guangqing Group and Brückner team up for BOPP venture

Chinese Guangqing Group, established in November 2004, is a large private corporation integrating R&D and the production of PP, plastic machines, plastic woven …
14 Nov 2011

World’s largest CPP line up and running

Chinese film producer Zhejiang Great Southeast and Brückner Maschinenbau successfully started the world’s first CPP line with a 6.6m wide die. With a name …
11 Nov 2011

ICE 2011: Future film trends in the focus of Brückner booth visitors

For the first time the “ICE Europe” was held at its new exhibition venue, the Munich Trade Fair Centre. 375 exhibitors from 22 countries presented their …
10 Nov 2011

One more line on stream: OPP Film goes on roughing up the film markets

OPP Film S.A., part of the Oben Holding Group, is already one of the leading producers of BOPP films, and the largest CPP film manufacturer in Latin America. …
20 Oct 2011

Optimum commissionings on time – early ROI – satisfied customers

China Soft Packaging Group, headquarter located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, recently added two more high performance BOPP lines to their production capacity.
06 Oct 2011

Biaxplen on their way to Europe’s top – with one more Brückner …

Biaxplen NK LLC, the main producer of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) in Russia, and Brückner teamed up again for a new project. With the new flexible …
29 Sep 2011

Continuing the road to success: Perfect start of Jiangsu Shuangxing’s …

Recently another two 8.7 m wide high speed BOPET film production lines went on stream smoothly at Jiangsu Shuangxing Color Plastic New Materials Co., Ltd. – …
05 Aug 2011

Indian SRF chooses Brückner to enter BOPP film markets

SRF, an Indian multi-business entity engaged in the manufacture of technical textiles, chemicals, engineering plastics and packaging films, teamed up with …
21 Jul 2011

Brückner at ICE Europe 2011: Profitable & environmentally friendly …

Following the latest trends within the plastics film markets, Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG will demonstrate at ICE Europe 2011 (Hall B5, Booth 1017) …
18 Jul 2011

A look at the future: Brückner attended PlastPack East Africa

For the first time Brückner took part in the PlastPack East Africa Exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya, from 13th to 15th July 2011. Above all, flexible packaging …
13 Jul 2011

Brückner “rocks” AMI's BOPP Film 2011

Well established as the leading forum of the worldwide BOPP industry, this year’s conference took place from 28-30 June in Vienna, Austria. Over 250 …
15 Jun 2011

India on the rise – Brückner at successful conference “BOPP India 2011”

The Indian BOPP film industry has been steadily growing over the last years. New investments in state-of-the-art machinery have been made to meet the high …
30 May 2011

New BOPP line in Ecuador with a brilliant start

Sigmaplast S.A., one of Latin America’s largest converters, successfully continues their backward integration strategy with the start of their first BOPP …
25 May 2011

Brückner at Plast Pack East Africa: Film production technology for the …

Plast Pack East Africa, the specialized industry trade show for plastics and rubber industry, promises to be an excellent platform to present latest …
16 May 2011

Second capacitor film line for Quanzhou JDL Electronics starting smoothly

Efficient teamwork, highly motivated team players and first class state-of-the-art equipment led to a perfect start of the second capacitor film production …
26 Apr 2011

6.2 m CPP line for OPP Film: Big and outstandingly equipped

Growth in packaging continues unabated – for CPP there are well established applications and opportunities in new markets. The development of CPP to being …
30 Mar 2011

Max Speciality Films call their latest project “a testimony to fantastic …

Max Speciality Films, one of the leading Indian film producers, and Brückner successfully teamed up for a new large-scale BOPP film production line. The 8.2m …
23 Feb 2011

Brückner at FilmTech Japan: Solutions for the efficient manufacture of …

Highly functional film attracts great attention in various industries such as flat panel displays, solar technology, rechargeable batteries, textile industry …
18 Feb 2011

Continuing the long line of smooth start-ups

Recently, film producers from China and Indonesia experienced an optimum commissioning of their brand new Brückner film production lines. A fast and smooth …
21 Dec 2010

A revolution in BOPET film production

With the start of their latest line, Chinese major BOPET film producer Jiangsu Suqian Color Plastic Packing and Brückner set another benchmark in BOPET film …
15 Dec 2010

Hyosung once again puts their trust in comprehensive solutions from one …

On their way to being one of the major players in the worldwide markets for highest quality optical films, Korean Hyosung Corporation has once again chosen …
09 Dec 2010

Utmost flexibility for Polish film producer Flexpol

Following the K show in Düsseldorf Flexpol Sp. z.o.o., the largest Polish plastics film producer, and Brückner Maschinenbau agreed to finalize the contract …
03 Nov 2010

Brückner at K 2010: The highlight of a very successful year

In 2010 the world`s plastics film markets once again gained strength. This was demonstrated by the great number of visitors at the K show. For Brückner, the K …
11 Oct 2010

When it comes to BOPET, film producers can rely on Brückner

Recently, film producers from China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan and India have decided to go with Brückner for their new BOPET film projects. They are …
20 Sep 2010

World’s first 6.2 m CPP line

After having successfully installed some of the biggest CPP (cast polypropylene) film lines in recent years, Brückner proudly presents the world’s first 6.2 …
26 Aug 2010

Wing Ning Packaging Film is challenging – and therefore goes with …

Wing Ning Packaging Film Ltd. located in Zhong Shan City, is one of China`s most experienced BOPP film manufacturers and honored as "Excellent Company of Guang …
24 Aug 2010

Pakistani Group Ismail Industries takes a step forward

Ismail Industries Ltd. in Pakistan has set a good example of how to successfully boost a backward integration strategy. Founded in 1989, the company …
17 Aug 2010

A benchmark for Africa`s plastics film industry

Egyptian film producer Icopack and Brückner teamed up again for another groundbreaking project: The new 6.6m wide high performance five-layer BOPP film …
03 Aug 2010

Brückner at K 2010: More efficiency and sustainability in film production

Apart from issues on productivity and efficiency, energy consumption and sustainability have increasingly gained importance - particularly in the last ten …
06 Jul 2010

Hyosung chooses Brückner to conquer industrial & optical film markets

Founded in 1966, Hyosung Corporation, Korea, has grown to be one of the most prestigious conglomerates in Korea, with approximately 17,000 employees in seven …
23 Jun 2010

Max India was looking for efficiency, flexibility, reliability – and …

Max Speciality Films and Brückner team up for a new large-scale BOPP film production line
09 Jun 2010

How to make a customer happy

For Brückner, a satisfied customer is the most valuable goal of any project. Ultimately this means having a smooth production start-up in time and saleable …
06 May 2010

All good things come in threes

With Brückner at their side, the renowned Chinese film producer Jiangsu Suqian Color Plastic Packing successfully started their third consecutive BOPET film …
22 Apr 2010

Chinaplas 2010 went green and got crowded

China`s apparently ever booming plastics industry celebrated their annual highlight at this year`s Chinaplas in Shanghai. Aside the ongoing business activities …
21 Apr 2010

Brückner at Rosupack 2010 - Hall 4, Booth D41902

High Performance Extrusion Lines for CPP and PET Film

At Rouspack Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG, Siegsdorf, presents latest technologies …
14 Apr 2010

Brückner at Convertech: Sophisticated oriented film further on the rise

Convertech Japan 2010, part of the “9th Converting & Advanced Printing Machinery and Materials Exhibition and Conference” in Tokyo, was visited by …
06 Apr 2010

Powerful but energy-saving: Eastern Europe`s latest BOPP line on stream

Bulgaria’s leading OPP film manufacturer, Plastchim-T, and Brückner have successfully started their second joint BOPP film project. The 6.6m wide, over …
01 Apr 2010

Next milestone for world’s most powerful BOPP line: maximum output …

Maximum output only three weeks after start-up.
23 Mar 2010

It must be a Brückner: Super-fast start-up at Henan Xinxiang

Nowadays it`s common knowledge that the days go smoothly when Brückner and a customer join forces to successfully start a new film production line. This was …
22 Mar 2010

Brückner at Convertech Japan 2010: High tech for plastics film production …

"The 9th Converting & Advanced Printing Machinery and Materials Exhibition and Conference in Japan 2010" (Tokyo, April 07 – 09) is the suitable place to …
15 Mar 2010

OPP Film`s CPP line breaking through the 400 m/min barrier

OPP Film S.A. together with Brückner successfully speeded up the Cast Polypropylene production line in Peru. Originally designed for a production speed of 300 …
08 Mar 2010

Dream start for world’s most powerful BOPP line

Polyplex and Brückner teamed up for an excellent commissioning
22 Feb 2010

Brückner at Flexible Plastic Film Industry Summit Forum 2010

To investigate the development tendency of the flexible plastics film industry in the future, China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA) organizes …
15 Feb 2010

When it comes to industrial BOPET film, it has to be a Brückner

The renowned Chinese BOPET film producer, Shaoxing Weiming Plastics Co., Ltd. - a subsidiary of Zhejiang Wuming Group - has just awarded a contract for a BOPET …
29 Jan 2010

Interplastica: Lively interest for Brückner`s comprehensive solutions and …

This year`s Interplastica was characterized by a generally good mood and optimism. Visitors at the Brückner booth made clear that they see attractive new …
26 Jan 2010

Increased support for Chinese film producers

Film manufacturers throughout the world appraise Brückner`s ongoing strive for reliability, customer support and services. To further meet the demands of the …
21 Jan 2010

Brückner Maschinenbau at Chinaplas 2010

Environmentally friendly film production for China`s Green Future
Less energy consumption, reduced carbon footprint, decreased material usage, …
18 Dec 2009

Innovation & Development Forum in Cangzhou: How to save energy within the …

More than 400 delegates discussed the future Chinese market development tendencies at the “Innovation and Development Forum of BOPP & BOPA Film Industry …
11 Dec 2009

Brückner Maschinenbau defies the crisis

Gratifying Incoming Orders – due to good business with China

Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Siegsdorf - world market leader for film …
02 Dec 2009

Increasing demand for Brückner`s BOPA technology

Biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) film provides excellent properties for various high-end applications: e.g. barrier to gases and flavours/odours. …
27 Nov 2009

Brückner at ICE 2009: Lively demand for CPP and PET sheet technology

From 24 - 26 November 328 exhibitors from 21 countries participated in ICE Europe 2009, Europe’s Leading Exhibition for the Converting Industry in Munich. …
25 Nov 2009

Brückner Maschinenbau at Interplastica 2010

At Interplastica 2010 (Forum FD 38) Brückner presents latest technologies for film stretching lines and cast film technology from one supplier. Brückner has …
19 Nov 2009

How to succeed in PET sheet for rigid packaging

Brückner at the 3rd Malaysian-German Conference on Plastics Technology
05 Nov 2009

Innovation and Development Forum of BOPP & BOPA Film Industry Chain 2009

Since the beginning of 2009, BOPP & BOPA film industry has undergone great changes. On the one hand the global financial crisis had a great impact on the …
05 Oct 2009

Reduced shrinkage of CPP film - for perfect downstream processing

Focus of attention to every single detail proves worthwhile: CPP films manufactured on Brückner lines show minimal shrinkage during the aging process. …
17 Sep 2009

Yet again, Brückner sets record pace for installations and start-ups

Over the years, Brückner has gained an excellent reputation when it comes to extremely short installations and start-ups of their film production lines. Two …
28 Jul 2009

Latest start-up in China: A symbiosis of high performance and low energy …

Zhongshan Wing Ning Film Ltd., a successful Chinese packaging film manufacturer and long-standing customer, has once again teamed up with Brückner in view of …
29 Jun 2009

Brückner Maschinenbau at ICE Europe 2009

The International Converting Exhibition (ICE Europe) from November 24 – 26 in Munich is the only trade exhibition in Europe which is focused solely on paper, …
27 Jun 2009

NPE 2009: Innovations for a green future of the plastics industry

The NPE 2009 International Plastics Exposition took place June 22-26, 2009 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. About 75,000 plastics professionals from more than …
18 Jun 2009

Brückner at BOPP Film 2009

This year’s AMI BOPP film conference, which was held in Beijing from June 16 - 18, again attracted the world`s leading players within the BOPP industry: from …
09 Jun 2009

BOPET film stretching line in Yunmeng takes a perfect start

Promptly following the scheduled installation and check-up date, the renowned Chinese film producer Hubei Firsta New Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. started …
02 Jun 2009

It must be a Brückner: Biofilm`s Mexican line – yet another 500-plus …

The Colombian film producer Biofilm S.A. and Brückner Maschinenbau have successfully crowned their latest joint project: Biofilm`s BOPP film production line …
21 May 2009

Chinaplas 2009: Heavy traffic at the Brückner booth

Chinaplas in the ever bustling Guangzhou once again demonstrated the very strong worldwide importance of the Chinese plastics industry. The Brückner booth was …
12 May 2009

Brasilplast 2009: Brückner`s diversity receives high appraisal

Latin America`s film producers seek innovations in terms of efficient, high quality production of various plastics films in order to serve their demanding …
12 May 2009

Brückner at BOPP Film 2009

The international business conference for the bi-oriented polypropylene film industry from 16. - 18. June will take place at the Presidential Plaza Hotel in …
29 Apr 2009

Brückner “best practice example” at the Hannover Messe

Presentation during special showcase “Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes”

Hannover Messe remains the world's leading platform for …
24 Apr 2009

Brückner Maschinenbau at NPE 2009

Solutions for environmentally friendly packaging

Large retailers in the US are beginning to set a high value on the environmental aspects of food, …
22 Apr 2009

Brückner at Finetech: Cutting-edge technologies for specialty films

“Finetech Japan” in Tokyo is the world`s largest event for the FPD (flat panel display) industry. Although this year`s event was generally less frequented …
01 Apr 2009

Stretching the limits: A new dimension in BOPET film production

Brückner`s unique, repeatedly proven multi-gap MD stretching unit opens new dimensions in polyester film production: For the very first time in Chinese BOPET …
24 Mar 2009

Early start-up ensures Indian Cosmo Films a high ROI

Cosmo Films Ltd., one of the most renowned Indian film producers, and Brückner have successfully added another milestone to their long-lasting partnership: …
11 Mar 2009

Brückner Maschinenbau at Brasilplast 2009

Efficiency, productivity, performance & profitability for Latin American film producers

Eficiência, produtividade, desempenho e rentabilidade para …
05 Mar 2009

Successful start-up: A-PET sheet production well in time

The capacity expansion for PET-Sheets at Brückner`s long-term partner Far Eastern Textile is well underway, with the flawless installation and commissioning …
02 Mar 2009

Brückner Maschinenbau at Finetech 2009

Cutting-edge film stretching technologies for the challenging Japanese market

At the “Finetech Japan” in Tokyo from April 15 - 17 …
25 Feb 2009

It must be a Brückner: Highest performance at 505 m/min

Dubai based Taghleef Industries (Ti), one of the leading film manufacturers worldwide, and Brückner have set yet another remarkable milestone within the BOPP …
23 Feb 2009

Brückner Maschinenbau at Chinaplas 2009

High-end technology for the production of added value films

More and more Chinese film producers are seeking to diversify their product program …
13 Feb 2009

Excellent BOPET line performance leads to a consecutive project

In view of the perfect commissioning of their latest film production line, the extremely stable performance and the superior quality of the polyester film …
28 Jan 2009

Brückner’s newest 8.7m BOPET line start-up

Perfect start for the New Year
A great joint success for Jiangsu Suqians’s staff and Brückner`s commissioning experts.
27 Jan 2009

It must be a Brückner: Tremendous performance from the start

Several recent smooth commissionings of high-speed BOPP lines have ensured Chinese film producers a promising start into the “Ox” Year.
20 Jan 2009

Brückner`s Arabplast presence: A promising start into 2009

At Arabplast 2009 in Dubai the Brückner booth was a very well attended contact point for investors, film producers and plastics processors not only from …
17 Dec 2008

Brückner steps up activity in CPP markets

Zhejiang Great South East, one of China`s largest film producers, and Brückner have successfully completed a brand new high performance CPP line. A perfect …
20 Nov 2008

Superb team spirit provides early start-up

The renowned Chinese film manufacturer Qunli Plastic Co. Ltd. and Brückner successfully teamed up for a perfect installation and start-up of the latest 8.2 m …
18 Nov 2008

Brückner arouses great interest at IPF

The International Plastic Fair (IPF), held in Japan every 3 years, is considered to be one of the most important trade shows for the plastics industry, along …
21 Oct 2008

Biodegradable oriented film attracts a great deal of attention

Presently, there`s an increased demand for biodegradable film in several packaging applications: confectionery twist wrap, prestige gift wrapping, bags for …
23 Sep 2008

Reform and Development Forum of BOPP Film Industry Chain 2008

Given the fact that the “BOPP Film Development Forum 2007” was a huge success, the Chinese “BOPP Film Professional Committee of CPPIA” was prompted to …
04 Aug 2008

Nahar Poly Films enters BOPP film business with Brückner at their side

Yet another sign of confidence from India
21 Jul 2008

Taghleef Industries: Turnkey Project on Track with Tiptop Technology

A complete turnkey package for one of the largest BOPP film manufacturers in the world.
16 Jun 2008

Brückner Maschinenbau at Expo Pack 2008

Wide range of flexibility for film producers
Amplio rango de flexibilidad para los productores de film
06 Jun 2008

Two more highly satisfied Chinese customers

Superb commissioning - early returns on customers` investment
30 May 2008

Second BOPP film stretching line for Vietnam

Nan Ya Plastics Corporation further expands in an emerging market
30 Apr 2008

Brückner in the Spotlight - Treofan highlights joint success

Treofan accounts the facts behind the successful joint project in Mexico in the first edition of their newsletter "Spotlight in Packaging": …
20 Apr 2008

Brückner very successful at Chinaplas 2008

Crowded booth, lively discussions, successful business
16 Apr 2008

How to produce BOPET thick film up to 500µm simultaneously

Yet another breakthrough for simultaneous stretching based on patented LISIM® technology
02 Apr 2008

Gulf Packaging expands BOPP film production

Fourth joint project further underlines the fruitful co-operation with Brückner
14 Feb 2008

Brückner Maschinenbau at Chinaplas 2008

Cost efficiency, flexibility & productivity for film producers
12 Feb 2008

Smart Wealthy International kicks off 2nd Brückner line

Swift and smooth start-up of the 2nd BOPP film production line
23 Jan 2008

Brückner’s newest BOPP film stretching line yields 6.300 kg/h

Polyplex and Brückner join forces and set new performance benchmark
10 Dec 2007

Brückner Maschinenbau at Interplastica 2008

Flexibility, efficiency and profitability for film producers in Russia and CIS
30 Oct 2007

Looking forward to expansion in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s leading OPP film manufacturer, Plastchim-T, is expanding its film production with a second BOPP line.
24 Oct 2007

A huge success for Treofan and Brückner

World`s largest BOPP project in production well ahead of schedule
24 Sep 2007

Brückner is stretching the limits with the newest 8.7m BOPET line

Brückner has again underlined their superior position within the field of high-value BO film production, once more leading to a path breaking success. A …
24 Sep 2007

Triple order for Brückner`s BOPP technology

The ever growing demand for high-quality BOPP film in China has prompted film producer Fujian Fuzhou Jingtai Package Film Co., Ltd. to make a major investment
10 Aug 2007

Largest and most efficient BOPP line for Africa

Nigerian film producer selects Brückner to be partner
25 May 2007

Reliable commissioning proved once again

Latest state-of-the-art-line successfully on stream
25 May 2007

Brückner at Chinaplas 2007

Technologies and services set stage for future growth
21 May 2007

Brückner's successful worldwide fair participations

Different markets, different solutions
08 May 2007

Chinese film producer benefits from unique 2-gap MDO stretching

Latest equipment for added value BOPET films
03 May 2007

Brückner Machinery & Service India founded

Optimal service & support for India and neighbouring countries
19 Apr 2007

Brückner at BOPP Film 2007

How to open new markets with innovative solutions
27 Feb 2007

World’s most powerful 8.2m BOPP line at Jindal Poly Films

An exciting step towards new frontiers
27 Feb 2007

World’s most powerful 8.2m BOPP line

At Jindal Poly Films - an exciting step towards new frontiers
09 Feb 2007

Russia`s film industry gathered at the Brückner booth

Interplastica 2007
09 Feb 2007

Russia`s film industry gathered at the Brückner booth

This year`s Interplastica in Moscow was very well attended, even better than the last times – the same applies to the Brückner booth.
29 Jan 2007

Brückner at Arabplast 2007

Visitors highly interested in Brückner`s new process technologies
29 Jan 2007

Brückner at Arabplast 2007

Visitors highly interested in Brückner`s new process technologies
12 Jan 2007

Brückner acquires 100% of Kiefel AG

Brückner Group, Siegsdorf and JM Gesellschaft für industrielle Beteiligungen mbH & Co. KgaA, Worms, announced today that effective 01 January 2007 all shares …
13 Dec 2006

OPP Film: Perfect line start-up leads to consecutive project

OPP Film, Peru, and Brückner finalised their first common project with a tremendous success: the new 8.2 m BOPP line has been producing A-grade film within …
09 Nov 2006

Brückner nominated for renowned German Environmental Award

Decisively lower energy consumption for LISIM®-technology
06 Nov 2006

Brückner’s exceptional turnkey competence lands them ambitious project

Brückner’s exceptional turnkey competence lands them ambitious project
17 Oct 2006

New CPP line makes big splash at Brückner conference

The Brückner Group successfully held a two-day conference at its premises in Siegsdorf . Everyone agreed that seeing Brückner Formtecs newest, innovative CPP …
28 Sep 2006

Asian film producers long for new film types Brückner at Tiprex 2006

TIPREX 2006, Thailand and Indochina's premier plastic and rubber exhibition played host to some 200 exhibiting companies from 20 countries. Brückner`s …
29 Aug 2006

Tenth Anniversary of Twin Screw Extrusion Technology for BOPP Lines

A Time For Celebration
29 Aug 2006

Two innovators, one objective

outstanding film quality
12 Aug 2006

Pilot line expansion for all stretching modes ready to use

Brückner's unique Technology Centre enables comprehensive R&D for all kind of film stretching technologies under one roof. Now the original LISIM ® …
07 Jul 2006

Brückner at NPE 2006

Production technologies for specialty films in great demand
07 Jul 2006

Major project for BOPP production plant with Treofan Group

Major project for BOPP production plant with Treofan Group Brückner kicks 'winning goal' and lands one of its largest individual projects in company history
21 Jun 2006

Cosmo Films changes course and resorts to Brückner

After having had an excellent working partnership for many years, Cosmo Films Ltd. and Brückner have now once again teamed up with one another and have …
07 Jun 2006

Brückner at “BOPP Film 2006”

Thinking outside the box
10 May 2006

Brückner at Chinaplas 2006

Obvious upward trend for oriented films
03 May 2006

Hebei Haiwei with successful completion of their new capacitor film line

In no time after start-up the new 5.1 m line of Chinese manufacturer Hebei Haiwei Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd. produced superior BOPP capacitor film. …
07 Mar 2006

Gulf Packaging extends their BOPP film production

Saudi Arabian film producer Gulf Packaging Industries Ltd., and Brückner launch their third common project (two BOPP lines are successfully on stream since …
27 Feb 2006

Euromet`s new BOPP line with excellent start-up

Excellent co-operation between Euromet and Brückner
14 Feb 2006

A new 8.2 m high-speed stretching line

Polo continues their road to success with Brückner at their side
19 Jan 2006

Brückner at Interplastica 2005

Huge interest in concepts for maximum performance
13 Jan 2006

Brückner in the magazine "Plastics in Packaging"

Energy efficiency and more
27 Oct 2005

10.000 tpa CPP Line for China

Brückner Formtec Supplies 4.2 m wide High Capacity Line
12 Oct 2005

Alcopack´s BOPS-project in good progress

The first project to produce oriented polystyrene film (BOPS) in the CIS states is in good progress. Brückner started delivery of the line for the FPUE …
21 Sep 2005

Brückner´s LIWIND-System proves technological leadership

A new dimension in high-speed film winding
19 Sep 2005

PET film and sheet with a thickness as low as 100 µm

Brückner Formtec presents a concept for optimizing thin PET film and sheet production – the patented (U.S. Pat. No. 5 484 370) JuBo roll. JuBo stands for …
13 Sep 2005

Improved service presence in Latin America

Brückner's service for Latin America has received a significant improvement since 1st of August.
08 Aug 2005

New packaging solution by Brückner´s customer Manuli Film

Manuli Film S.P.A./Italy, one of the leading film producers worldwide, and Brückner have always maintained an intensive long-term partnership - since 1977 …
15 Jul 2005

Thaipolyamide will soon start the first BOPA line in Thailand

Production of high quality BOPA film will become reality in Thailand too. The installation of a new 4.2 m wide sequential Brückner BOPA line is scheduled for …
15 Jul 2005

Inauguration of Russia’s most powerful and most flexible BOPP line

Great demand for Novatek's high quality films
11 Jul 2005

Successful upgrading for Treofan

New chain and clip system for smooth run and high speed
29 Jun 2005

Chinaplas 2005

Extensive Brückner Group program attracts Chinese film producers
17 Jun 2005

Shaoxing Technologic Weaving highly pleased with perfect start-up

Brückner BOPET line in successful operation within no time
14 Jun 2005

Brückner at Maack's “Polyamide 2005”

BOPA film is an attractive product for the food packaging markets
19 May 2005

Brückner at BOPP Film 2005

Potential markets – current trends – technological solutions
03 May 2005

Brückner at Aseanplas 2005

Growing demand for speciality film lines and CPP extrusion
20 Apr 2005

Brasilplast 2005

Latin America`s film industry enters the Brückner booth for latest novelties
14 Apr 2005

Brückner Group broadens product portfolio

BOPP and CPP from one source
28 Feb 2005

Acceptance protocols signed for two Brückner BOPA lines

Excellent commissioning impressively demonstrated once again
07 Feb 2005

OOO Brueckner established in Moscow

Film producers will benefit from proximity, quickness and optimal service quality
21 Jan 2005

One of the fastest BOPA lines of the world is located in Tijanjin/China

The market attests absolute premium film quality
07 Dec 2004

Jiangyin Shenda Group and Brückner signed major contract

Jiangyin Shenda Group and Brückner sign major contract in presence of Chinese Premier and German Chancellor
29 Nov 2004

Speed world record: Votocel´s BOPP line running at 530 m/min!

Higher speed for enhanced line efficiency / Speed world record: Votocel´s BOPP line running at 530 m/min
16 Nov 2004

Ningbo Sun Plastics markets "A grade" film in a flash!

Brückner BOPET lines: innovative technology - easy to operate
08 Nov 2004

Brückner at Speciality Plastic Films 2004

New markets, applications & developments for speciality films
13 Sep 2004

High-ranking delegation from Shaoxing visiting Brückner

Senior staff of Brückner`s customer Shaoxing Yue Cheng Fuling Plastics Products Factory headed a delegation of high-ranking representatives of the Shaoxing …
02 Aug 2004

Yem Chio receives large orders for superior BOPA film

Brückner proves their commissioning excellence for all types of BO lines
22 Jul 2004

First high-performance BOPS-line for CIS states

Brückner, the German world market leader for film stretching lines and IUPP Multipack, Belarus, are cooperating to realize the first project to produce …
15 Jul 2004

Start-up of Brückner BOPA line a huge success

High quality BOPA film marketed in no time
15 Jul 2004

Brückner at Chinaplas 2004

Outstanding interest in speciality line concepts
07 Jul 2004

Complete special BOPET line sold to Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation

Taiwans biggest polyester manufacturer
29 Jun 2004

Brückner at Chinaplas 2004

Brückner presents multi-purpose line concepts for the Chinese plastics industry
09 Jun 2004

Brückner`s competence in BOPET demonstrated again

2nd consecutive BOPET line at Zhejiang Wuming with excellent production start
08 Jun 2004

First BOPA line for Latin America is the world's largest

Sigdopack will conquer new markets with 5 m Brückner line
01 Jun 2004

Brückner at AMI conference "BOPP Film 2004"

How to meet future market demands
17 May 2004

Another success in Zhejiang area

Extremely fast start-up at Ningbo Asia Plastics´ second BOPP line
03 May 2004

Weifang Fuwei Plastics relies on Market Leader

Producing top BOPA film means going for Brückner Weifang Fuwei Plastics relies on Market Leader The renowned Chinese film manufacturer Weifang Fuwei …
26 Apr 2004

Largest BOPP line for Iran

The newly formed company Atlas Film Co. has purchased an 8.2 m wide Brückner BOPP line.
02 Apr 2004

High Speed BOPP line runs high-quality film right from the start

One of the fastest BOPP lines installed at Jintian Group Co., Ltd
02 Apr 2004

Zhejiang Great Southeast Group greatly impressed

Zhejiang Great Southeast Group greatly impressed following their visit to Brückner Headquarters
30 Mar 2004

Guangdong Foshan Energetic Film Co., Ltd. invests

Guangdong Foshan Energetic Film Co., Ltd. invests in "the world's most advanced BOPET equipment" - supplied by Brückner
23 Mar 2004

Interplastica 2004

Production lines for high grade packaging film in great demand
23 Mar 2004

Incoming Orders are almost doubled

Brückner stays on track with their all-time record
13 Feb 2004

Brueckner Middle East FZE opens Dubai office

Enhanced proximity for intensified customer care and quick response time
26 Jan 2004

Crowds flock the Brückner booth

Brückner at Chinaplas 2003 Crowds Flock the Brückner Booth Contract Signing Ceremony - Large Reception Party Brückner`s presence at the Chinaplas in …
13 Jan 2004

Flex industries profits from the Switch-Over to Brückner

The Leading Film Supplier, Flex Industries, India profits from the Switch-Over to Brückner
04 Dec 2003

Brückner at Chinaplas 2003 in Beijing

Brückner presents advanced technology and extensive service activities
03 Dec 2003

How customers benefit from Brueckner Machinery (Jiangyin) Co. Ltd.

Local supply in approved quality, top service on the spot
14 Nov 2003

Brückner`s success in Near and Middle East

Polfilm/Iran continues trustful co-operation with Brückner / Brückner strengthens their position in Egypt
16 Sep 2003

Another token of confidence from Russia

Contract for a further BOPP film production line for the Russian market
29 Aug 2003

Brückner´s excellent commissioning performance confirmed by Chinese customer

Shandong Dezhou Qunli Plastics expressed their hearty thanks to Brückner after an outstandingly successful start up and training phase
28 Aug 2003

Turnkey BOPP plant for OAO Novatek

Brückner heads towards the Russian BO film market
28 Aug 2003

Another 50.000 tons/year of BOPP-Film for Russia

EUROMET Group, Moscow and Brückner Maschinenbau signed a contract for two BOPP lines
27 Aug 2003

Chinese Ambassador visits Brückner Maschinenbau

MA Canrong deeply impressed by the long lasting / Business Relationship between Brückner and China
25 Aug 2003

8.2 m BOPP line for Brazilian film producer

Customer attests Brückner “the most advanced technology in the world”
25 Aug 2003

Six BOPA lines already sold in 2003

Biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) film has excellent properties for various high-end applications: e.g. maximum strength and resistance, barrier to gases and …
02 Jul 2003

Brückner at AMI conference “BOPP Film 2003”

Technology trends for a diverse and challenging market.
06 Jun 2003

Brueckner Machinery (Jiangyin) Co,. Ltd. founded

Local supply in approved quality, top service on the spot
16 Apr 2003

Ultra-thin BOPP capacitor film in top quality within no time after line …

Due to superior Project management Brückner and Zhejiang Nanyang Electronic Film Co., Ltd. were able to start their advanced 4.2m BOPP capacitor film line two …