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28 Feb 2013

Specialty shrink films – well equipped with Brückner technology

Brückner offers film producers a wide variety for the manufacture of added-value shrink films.


The Chinese manufacturer Yinjinda Film Co., Ltd. has successfully entered the specialty film business with the extremely smooth start of their brand-new inline shrink sleeve line. They now market high quality mono-axially oriented PET-G shrink films in a thickness range between 15 and 40µm, for use in sleeve labelling and special packing applications.


By using eco-friendly PET-G as a substitute for PVC, Yinjinda Film is a trendsetter. Not only does it meet the demand of major Chinese and international brand owners; it is also in line with the current Chinese twelfth five-year development plan regarding environmental protection.


The entire project is unique: it is the largest dedicated Chinese MOPET shrink film line with high output and productivity – and within only one day after start-up the line had good film on the winder! In addition to this successful first line, Yinjinda Film has already ordered a second one which will start production later this year.  


Brückner provides various working widths up to 6.2 m and speeds up to 250 m/min, offering film producers a wide variety for the manufacture of added-value shrink films for trendy labels, full body sleeves or tamper-evident packaging.

A perfectly co-operating team is happy with a smooth start-up, among them: Mr. Zhang Zhigua, President Yinjinda Film (second from left); Mr. Zhang Lei Qigang, Vice president of production, Yinjinda Film (left)